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  Asphalt Maintnance, Asphalt repair, paint stripping parking lots

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With a variety of maintenace options to help you have a great looking business to give a good first impression to your future clients. Look at the information given in our website and if you have any questions or comments feel free to give us a call!



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Seal Coating

Seal Coating is the most important element of any maintenance plan, the asphalt binder that holds the pavement together begins to weather and oxidize soon after installation, if left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate quickly.

It is recommended to reseal every 2 to 3 years to resist the harsh elements in Colorado!


We offer many options to help you maintain your parking lot and keep it in optimal conditions. Some of those services include: Asphalt patches, speed bumps, fix pot holes, and the other services expalined on our website. No job is too small, we are family owned and operated. We help both commercial and residencial. Give us a call or email!

Crack Seal & Stripping

Crack seal is used to help fill and seal cracks of various sizes to prevent water and other deterioration on asphalt. This is an inexpesive way to help your lot look at it's best and seal from weather that can gradually make those cracks larger and unrepairable. Stipping the lots also give it a great presentation, we can also re-paint handi-cap signs, fire lanes etc.